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P1090663Soo, BBA Challenge #2. I’m getting a bit of a head start because I do have exams coming up and well, probably won’t be cooking much then. So unfortunately I can’t do a long post right now, I am trying to catch up on some work (got to stop slacking!!!)  but I wanted to get this up.


So this bread caused me many problems. I called it the bread of Murphy’s Law. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I took out the poolish (pre-ferment) to get to room temp, but didn’t prep the ingredients. Then, I prepped the ingredients but forgot to take the poolish out when they were ready (I had put it back in while I prepped). Then I made a beautiful dough and realized I forgot to add the eggs! I was so frustrated. I was so upset. And then my grandma saved the day. Calmed me down and added the eggs into the dough bit by bit. 

Bread came out huge and beautiful and golden. It may have risen a bit too much as I might have put a bit too much yeast into the poolish, but it worked out ok. In fact, the spices in the bread give out this amazing aroma that my parents loved. It is a great bread and we are just finishing it up now.

As a group, we are not giving out the recipes as we are encouraging everyone to buy the book and I really recommend it! The breads in there are great and afterwards I know that I will be able to try out even more things and add flavourings and new dimensions to the breads. I am loving the magic of the yeast which grows and adds so much to the bread. I love the BBA Challenge!

I apologize that the pictures aren’t too great, I didn’t have the chance to set up and make better ones.


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